Hot Press:

"Some bands do musical quirkiness rather well, but The Bull Munro (basically Dublin Duo Danny Maher and Rob McComish) also trade in clever, class songcraft. Leaving behind their acoustic-based dabblings, 'Late November' marries the manic end of Sparks to a thudding rhythm, rippling synths and some catchy hooks that leaves you wanting more"
-Jackie Hayden

The Daily Star:

The Bull Munro feature on Hot Zone (Ireland's number one music page)
The daily Star describe the Bull Munro as the "Hotly tipped electro-rock duo".

King Kong Radio:
"The Bull Munro, bounce through the boundaries with rhythmic enthusiasm.
A true original musical explosion that you must see live"
King Kong Radio - RTE 2XM

Samantha's sounds from the underground:
"The Bull Munro, a mishmash of punk and trance with bucket loads of eccentricity thrown in is a Dublin jewel. If experimental electronic is your thing and you appreciate the likes of MGMT and animal collective then The Bull Munro will fit quite comfortably in your playlist."
-Samantha Bailie (The Big Issue)

Review by Steven Battle:

The Bull Monro - Late November

When developing a new sound for 2010 it cant hurt to turn the volume up to eleven, can it? Not for The Bull Munro, who release their debut single, Late November this mid May. And shit, it’s loud.

The Bull Munro have been cutting their teeth on the live circuit for quite some time now, elating audiences from Wicklow to Wroclaw. The duo, comprised of Danny Maher and Rob McComish have spent the past few months working on a worthy stock pile of tunes from their catalogue of self proclaimed anti-folk punk funk.

From the first punch of the drums it’s instant that Late November is a move away from the acoustic based songs of old and an embrace of new experimental electronic influences. MGMT wish they came up with this sound. So does Timbaland. The snaps, the rumbles, the thuds, the build-ups, the breaks, its high octane, its danceable, its moshable. It’s a big filthy cake of musical delights that you want to dive head first in to. As far as duo’s go The Bull Monro are scaling the heights with The Black Keys and The White Stripes. 

Late November 2009 holds significance to Maher as the phrase is repeated like a mantra over McComish’s thundering beats. It’s a date he won’t forget, it’s a song you won’t want to. 

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